Interior Trend: Autumn Interiors 2021

Autumn Interiors Guide

With the change in season we change our wardrobes, goals and outlook and for many it's a good opportunity to change up our living space. For some this can be a large scale project before the winter sets in but for others it can be a few tweaks and changes to freshen up the look and feel of your home. If you'd like to freshen up your home for the new season this Autumn Interiors guide brings together seasonal trends and easy to execute changes all achievable on a budget.


To kick off your Autumn Home Decor Project we recommend you do a full home sweep and collect things that will help you create a new home look and feel. To help you find the right items, think about warm fabrics, different textiles, gold and brass items, vases & jars, wicker and hessian, spare cushions, fairy lights - anything that will help conjure up a feeling of warmth.

In addition to your Autumn collection take a look round your home and pull out some items that you’d happily move to another room or space. Pull all your items together and treat it like your own home Interiors store, think about the areas you want to switch up and using our Autumn Home Decor Ideas below start to redesign your home to give a fresh look for the season.

Use throws, cushions and blankets to add warmth throughout your home. Different fabrics and textiles can give your room a new look and feel. Carefully drape blankets and throws over your sofa, chairs or beds to give a new cozy look. If you have cushions already you can always hop online and look for new covers to help create a snug feel. Do this in your Living Room, Bedrooms and Snugs and you’ll, as we say in Scotland, create a great wee place to coorie in.

** Coorie - a Scottish word traditionally meaning 'to snuggle' or 'cuddle'

Think about your lighting

Lighting is very important during the Autumn months. We haven't been plunged into the darkness of winter but whilst the days can be bright and colourful, the evenings can be grey and heavy which means we want to create warmth in our homes. Lamps are ideal to eradicate the glare of a main ceiling light but to add in a warm glow the addition of fairy lights can do the trick. Many people are not keen on fairy lights before Chritsmas but try adding them to a glass vase or fish bowl to create a stylish new addition to your home interior. For the ideal room light you cannot compare to the warmth and glow of a candle. With so many to choose from on the market you are spoiled for choice but be mindful that some candles contain chemicals and toxins that will burn off into your environment so look for a natural candle where possible.


To help dress tables, mantles and surfaces in your home look to introduce the colours that reflect the season - gold, brass, deep reds, orange, browns and greens. Using trinkets and objects to redress your surfaces give the eye something new to look at and create points of interest in your home. Hessian and wicker baskets are a great addition for blankets, magazines and books .Helping to introduce a soft texture to a room and bang on trend you can add pampas grass to vases, great for adding height and now available in an array of colours.

One of the easiest Autumn Home Interior trends, and great for the budget, is to bring the outdoors indoors. Grab a tote bag and head outside to collect twigs, pine cones, acorns, pussy willows and colourful leaves to help fill vases and jars throughout your home. In addition to your natural Autumn accessories you can also use fruit to help dress an area, a bowl of red apples or oranges looks great on a coffee or kitchen table… Also edible and healthy so it's an added bonus.

What about the walls?

In addition to your surface areas you can help create a new home look by introducing new art on your walls. Whether you prefer large statement pieces or gallery walls using different frames and sizes you can change the entire look and feel of a room with some new images. To help continue with your Autumn Home Interior Project why not choose some stylish art prints that bring the colours and feel of the season into your home. Check out our Falling Leaves collection for some elegant wall art inspiration.

Now all that's left to do is wrap up warm, go for a big walk in the park or countryside for some fresh air then get home and enjoy your new Autumn Home Interiors with a warm drink and good book.

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