Interior Trend: Levelling Up Your Home With "Limitless Luxe"


Luxury interior decor ideas We Love Prints

Black and gold textures, marbled surfaces, faux furs, chandeliers . . .

If you've not already guessed, we're looking at the upcoming trend for accessible luxury in all areas of our homes.

Coined ‘Limitless Luxe’ by Pinterest, this growing interior trend is predicted to be one of the mainstays of interior design in 2022 and beyond. 

So what’s this actually going to look like in our homes?

Well, it’s all about revisiting ordinary and ‘forgotten spaces’ by elevating them with small touches of luxury. Think luxury shelves, luxury utility rooms, luxury home gyms and luxury basements . . . you get the picture. 


Luxury Wall Art Print Idea We Love Prints

YES, we are aware how OTT this might might sound at first...

However showing a little bit of love to the under-appreciated corners of our homes can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of spaces that we otherwise want to close the door on and forget about. 

PLUS, the great thing is that Luxe doesn’t need to mean an entire overhaul! This is a perfect time to get creative and find ways of adding luxury touches that don’t break the bank

(FYI: we're NOT suggesting you have to scrap the excruciatingly detailed home reno plans you've been perfecting all winter. Just re-visiting them with a "work smarter, not harder" mindset could shave off hours of laborious and expensive work!) 

If you're not sure where to start, we recommend you: 

1) Repaint your walls using a luxurious colour palette

When communicating luxury through an interior colour scheme there are two ways to go: dark and sumptuous or paired back neutrals.   

Luxury Interior Decor Ideas by We Love Prints

• Option 1: Go dark

If you want to explore your dark side, you'll want to stick with deep and enclosing tones such as dark blue, off-black, charcoal, purple or dark green. These are perfectly complimented with gold, which is of course another timeless symbol of true luxury. 


Luxury Interior Decor Ideas by We Love Prints

• Option 2: Opt for light neutrals

If neutrals are more your thing, you'll want to work with a very limited colour palette that communicates understated elegance. Sandy tones, beiges, stone, pebble, muted greens, white and gold are some options that will help in creating a feeling of luxury that is softer and less flashy. 

 Luxury Interior Decor Ideas We Love Prints


 2) Choose wall art that says "Luxury"

They say a picture is worth thousand words, so what better way to say "this is MY luxurious space!" than with the right piece of wall art. Well styled contemporary art prints are immediately going to elevate any space by providing visual interest and richness to an otherwise boringly blank wall. Personal taste is of course a massive part of choosing the right art for your walls, but we can safely say that stylish Abstract artwork is perhaps the easiest way to create an impressive and luxurious feeling with minimal effort.

Abstract art is the perfect fit because of its subjective nature and visual complexity, which helps add a layer of intrigue to any space. For some real luxurious impact, curating an abstract gallery wall is going to take your interior to new heights of luxury - be prepared for some serious Insta loving from your followers!   

Luxury Living Room Decor Ideas By We Love Prints


3) Make mood lighting your secret weapon of choice

Often it's the subtle elements of an interior that combine to create the overall ambience. This couldn't be truer for mood lighting, which is perhaps one of the most overlooked techniques when planning out a luxury space. By achieving just the right balance of recessed strip lighting, up-lighters, diffused backlighting, spot lights, floor lamps, side lamps and let's not forget, candles, you can strategically highlight the best areas of your home, whilst drawing the eye away from any "problem" areas. 

Luxury interior decor ideas We Love Prints

So If you're ready to begin levelling up the luxurious touches in your home don't forget our three easy decor hacks - finding the right colour palette, choosing stand out wall art and getting creative with ambient lighting.

With just a few small tweaks to the under appreciated spots you'll be able to transform your home into a pad that is truly worthy of the limitless luxe trend. 

We're excited to see how this trend evolves over the next year so make sure you tag us in your photos with @myweloveprints and we'll be able to see your amazing design skills!


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