Interior Trend: Japandi Style - How to Create The Look

Are you looking for some new interior style inspiration? Well if you've been seeing the word "Japandi" crop up every time you login to Instagram then you're on the right track! This interior trend has been on the rise recently and we want to break it down so you can effortlessly create this contemporary interior style in your own home.


Japandi Interior Trend Wall Art


As it's a fairly new trend it's not been adopted by everyone just yet but we think it's going to BOOM in popularity over the next 12 months. 

So let's take a few mins to talk about the origin of Japandi and look at some ways our recent Japandi collection can be incorporated into the current interior style of your home. 

"What is Japandi?" is probably among the first questions you'll have.

Well, in a nutshell it's a contemporary fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design styles.

Japandi borrows from the Japanese philosophy of ‘wabi sabi, which means an appreciation of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, or incomplete". It combines this concept with the Scandinavian practice of "hygge", which means a feeling of cosiness, contentment and well-being.

Japandi Interior Trend Wall Art


Japandi Interior Trend Wall Art

Essentially it's about effortlessly creating a space that is warm and calming without having to be perfect.

Authenticity is key.

Placing formal Japanese elements alongside the minimal aesthetic of Scandinavian design is what makes this interior style such a fantastic choice for contemporary interior spaces. 

Japandi Interior Trend Wall Art


Finding the perfect balance of neutral tones, complimentary textures and natural finishes is key to achieving the Japandi style, so if you're a maximalist it's definitely not a look you'd enjoy in your home! 

If however this does sound like a style that would fit your interior tastes, then an easy way to dip your toe in the water is with Japandi wall art decor. Our collection of neutral and stylish wall art prints are an easy and affordable way to get the look.

Enjoy experimenting with this stylish new decor trend and make sure to tag us in your social posts with #myweloveprints - we can't wait to see what this style will look like in your home! 


Japandi Interior Trend Wall Art

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