Lifestyle: This lip-smacking cocktail will keep your Valentine coming back for more

Photo of Clover Club Cocktail by Juan Serlo | Almayer Bar[Photo courtesy of @juanserlo and @almayerbar]


What's the LEAST sexy day of the week you ask? 

Well, let us tell you . . .

it's MONDAY! 

And, as it so happens, this is the day Valentines falls on this year.

(looks like cupid will be getting pulled in for a not-so-glowing performance review!!)

The thought of a dour winter Monday is a serious turn off, so we've decided an amorous tonic is needed, not only for a little dutch courage, but to ignite the sparks of romance between prospective partners. 

Wether you're meeting an old flame or getting to know that hottie you met at spin class, this clover club cocktail is going to keep the conversation flowing while you decide if you're staying the night or ordering an Uber on the DL. 

Clover Club Cocktail by Gin by @ginmonkeyuk

[Photo courtesy of @ginmonkeyuk]

If you're unfamiliar with the clover club cocktail, it's a classic gin cocktail, flavoured with tangy raspberries, lemon juice and finished with a cloud of fluffy foam. So if this delicious tipple sounds up your street, get the ingredients and treat yourself to a practice run before serving to your date.

With such an easy recipe and minimal prep time, there's no need to go to an expensive cocktail bar when you can whip these up in any home kitchen - just make sure you have enough fresh raspberries, they are VERY moreish!

Bottoms up! x 

(Btw, we have a wall art print of the clover club cocktail here)


50ml gin
10ml vermouth
15ml egg white
15ml raspberry syrup or grenadine syrup
30ml lemon juice
6-8 raspberries
4-5 ice cubes
Optional: Rose petals to garnish


Add all of the ingredients to a cocktail shaker, then muddle (crush) the raspberries. Dry shake without ice cubes to make the egg white thick and foamy, then add the ice cubes and shake for 30 seconds. Use a strainer (a small sieve will also work), double strain into a chilled coupe glass and garnish with  fresh raspberries or rose petals. 



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