Lifestyle: Relax into Christmas, You deserve it...

Christmas is almost here it’s now time to sit back, relax and make some time for YOU!

If your tree is decorated, gifts are wrapped and you've stuffed the Christmas Turkey, then you deserve nothing more than a crisp glass of bubbly and a looooonnng bubble bath. 

To help you set the perfect ambience, we're sharing our favourite rituals that help us get into holiday mode. So dim the lights, grab a bottle of Snow Fairy and prepare to sink into your own dreamy spa experience... 






1) Set The Scene: We're a little biased here but we do believe everything starts with creating the perfect surrounding! Create a relaxing ambience by choosing wall art that resonates with you. Typographic prints are a great way to set intentions and remind yourself to relax - we're opting for "Bubble Bath With A Glass"!

2) Try a Sonic Bath:  Take your mind off the present moment with your favourite music or a meditative "Sound Bath". Try a sonic meditation app like Calm or choose whatever relaxing music works for you - we won't judge if you've got a thing for Enya...promise!

3) Light It Up: Boujie spas use low lighting to create a relaxing and calm environment, so we recommend killing the overhead lights. Instead, fill your bathroom with tea lights and candles to illuminate your spa experience with a gentle flicker. 

4) Lathered Luxury: Say hello to bath drops - the latest trend in home pampering. These cute little pearls are made from a luxurious blend of oils encased in a seaweed shell (no plastic here!). Add them to your bath for a silky smooth bath that you'll never want to leave.

5) A bath of bubbles:  Your favourite bottle of champagne (on ice) is all that's needed to take your home spa experience to the next level!  A glass or two of your favourite bubbly will take your mind off any remaining seasonal stresses...take a sip and let them float away! 

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