Interior Trend: Winter Sun (Mood-boosting Wall Art Decor)

Mood-boosting interior decor has been the topic of the week at the WLP studio! 

Mood-boosting interior decor ideas


For those of us in the northern hemisphere, lack of sun during January is an all too familiar and unenjoyable part of the winter season. 

Yes, we can mitigate our plunging Vit-D levels with supplements, but it's really sunbeams and WARMTH we're craving at this time of year.

Mood-boosting interior decor ideas



To provide some respite from the long dark nights, we've curated this selection of warm and colourful wall art prints for anyone who knows a thing or two about avoiding SAD. 

Whether you need yellow prints to cheer up your hallway or red art prints to bring some heat to your kitchen, you can use our current 3 for 2 offer to mix and match prints.

Mood-boosting interior decor ideas


If you're looking for interior design inspiration and need the perfect piece of contemporary wall art to finish your space we're sure you'll find the perfect match in our winter sun edit.

It's time to create a serotonin boosting wall display that will radiate happiness throughout your home until spring arrives.

Hang in there, brighter days are on the horizon!

Tap here to shop the edit. 


Mood-boosting interior decor ideas

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