Vibrant and Fearless: Pantone's Colour of The Year 2023, Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta: Big and Bold is at the centre of this 2023 design trend





Hold onto your hats, people! Pantone has announced its Colour of The Year for 2023, and it's BOLD!

Say hello to Viva Magenta 18-750 - this unconventional shade is like a shot of espresso, bringing a jolt of energy and an explosion of joy to everything it touches. This vibrant colour is all about power and empowerment, so get ready to make some daring interior choices in 2023!

Viva Magenta is a nuanced crimson red tone that perfectly balances warmth and coolness. It’s a hybrid colour that is equally at home in the physical world and the virtual one, so it's perfect for all you multi-dimensional folks out there. This boss babe of a colour is assertive but not aggressive and exudes dynamism, making it capable of driving design to create a more positive future.

Viva Magenta is a Colourful Conqueror!

Viva Magenta is more than just a pretty colour, though. This shade is a force to be reckoned with! Its origins lie in the cochineal beetle, which produces carmine dye, one of the strongest, most precious, and brightest of the natural dye family. So when you rock Viva Magenta, you’re not just adding a pop of color to your life; you're tapping into a primordial signal of strength.

The Color of The Year 2023 is a vibrant celebration of life, and Viva Magenta is the perfect representation of that. This shade is bold, fun, and rebellious, exuding fierce grace and inspiring confidence and humanity. So go ahead and take on those new challenges and try the unconventional, all while showing a little love and compassion to your fellow humans.




Let's Get Colourful!

Viva Magenta is perfect for creating bold statements or adding pops of colour to your outfits. It also shines in home decor, graphic design, and packaging. But let’s talk about wall art prints. Our online store has a fantastic selection of wall art prints in the Viva Magenta shade. With our high-quality prints, you can create a statement piece that adds joy and optimism to your living space or office. Our prints are available in various sizes and styles to fit your unique taste and preferences. So why not get creative and add some Viva Magenta to your walls?

If you're looking to stand out, Viva Magenta is the perfect choice. This shade is universally flattering across ages, genders, and skin tones, so anyone can rock it with confidence. And with our selection of wall art prints, you can easily incorporate it into your home decor without breaking the bank. So go ahead and push your boundaries and drive your growth through the power of Viva Magenta and creativity. Shop now and add some colourful conquering energy to your life!



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