London-based artist Alison Astor is renowned for her captivating canvases that blend vivid colours, expressive brushwork, and intriguing drip marks. Astor sees paint as more than a medium; to her, it’s a living entity, inspiring her with its scent and glistening appearance. Her artworks invite viewers into a world where emotions and forms merge, transcending traditional perceptions through a depth-filled coluor palette and spontaneous brushstrokes.

Astor’s work, rich in emotion and nuance, comes alive through her distinctive brushwork, encouraging an exploration of the intricate dance of coluor and form. London, her home city, heavily influences her art, reflecting its diverse culture, history, and dynamic ambiance. Her art serves as a conduit between the tangible and abstract, embodying the city's ever-changing identity. Astor's portfolio offers a fascinating glimpse into contemporary abstract art, and she welcomes inquiries about exhibitions or collaborations.