How To: Fill Up Empty Wall Space

How To:

How To: Fill Up Empty Wall Space

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Adding personality to your walls

Whilst at times a blank wall can be a refreshing element in an otherwise busy room, in many cases, it can result in a space looking underdone. There are so many directions to go in when considering how to fill up empty wall space, so we have put together a guide to help narrow down your options. From large mirrors and gallery walls to shelving and panelling, we’ve got you covered!

Install shelving

A simple way to fill up empty wall space and to create additional storage is to add shelving. There are so many different directions to go in depending on the space available. In a bigger room with plenty of space, you could fill an entire wall with shelving to create a bookcase effect. If there is a smaller space, for example in a kitchen, you could fit three small shelves and create an open pantry with glass jars and a spice rack, freeing up cupboard space whilst also adding a feature to the room.

Installing shelving can create a fantastic design feature in a living room to fill up empty wall space either side of a chimney breast. This will create a balanced appearance in the room and will be a strong focal point, as well as adding practicality as a result of the additional storage space. Style with your favourite books, animal wall art prints, ornaments and favourite photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture!

Hang a large mirror

A wonderful way to fill up empty wall space is to hang a large mirror. This works especially well in rooms that are already heavily decorated but need one more feature, as it will reflect light around the room, make the space feel larger and add something interesting without the room looking cluttered. 

Although mirrors work in every room of the house, the entrance to a home is the perfect location if you need to fill up empty wall space. Often hallways may feel slightly cramped, so reflecting as much light as possible in this space will help to open it up. It can be styled with a small bench underneath with comfy statement cushions for an elegant and bright focal point that will fill up empty wall space perfectly.


Both trendy and classical, panelling is a sure fire way to change the look and feel of any room in your home. Adding panelling is a popular DIY task for many as it can give a room or home an entire new look and feel and it doesn't need to cost the earth. Once installed you can paint the panelling to bring depth, warmth and style to your space. 

There are so many options including thickness and design, which will depend on how much of the wall you want to fill and how big the room is. If you’re feeling confident there are plenty of guides available to help you fit the panelling yourself! Panelling is massively on trend, so will make a wonderful addition to help you fill up empty wall space.

Create a Gallery Wall 

Gallery walls are an ideal way to add personality to any space with a collection of stylish wall art prints. Combine subjects and colours to create harmony on any wall. The beauty of gallery walls is that you can simply tailor the size of the prints to fill up the empty wall space and of course the types of prints can be carefully chosen to suit the aesthetic of the room. 

If you are looking for a vibrant statement in your home, then a gallery wall is the perfect way to fill up empty wall space.

Final Thoughts 

There are so many different options if you are looking to fill up empty wall space! If you need slightly more storage, shelving is the perfect way to gain it whilst also adding a focal point to a room. For smaller spaces that need brightening, you can’t beat a large mirror. Consider installing panelling for something bold or make a statement with a gallery wall. 

Our prints are the perfect way to fill up empty wall space, helping you to create your dream gallery wall display or to finish off a shelf with an extra something. Browse our extensive range of prints to make a sophisticated statement in your home!

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