Inspiration: Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas To Transform Your Space



From surface materials and cabinet styles to wall art and lighting choices, you want to ensure that your kitchen is not only functional, but looks fantastic too!

Vibrant tiles

When it comes to modern kitchen decor ideas, one of the first places to start is by looking at the colourway of your kitchen as it currently is. By simply changing the colour of your kitchen, you can create a huge impact on the way that the space feels and looks. If your kitchen is currently plain and dated, then a lick of paint in a fresh colour can instantly transform the room. 

Another idea that is becoming increasingly more popular for modern kitchens is the use of vibrant tiles. Whether you are creating a colourful splashback or want to add some colour and texture to your walls, then tiles are a great way to incorporate colour, especially if you want to keep the wall colours more neutral. Tiles are a more practical option in certain areas of the kitchen, such as behind the hob or sink, but for less permanent and more interchangeable options, why not browse our range of tiled wall prints to add the style to your kitchen instead?

Make sure the light is right

Having a kitchen with a well-designed lighting scheme can easily transform the appearance and ambience of the room. If your kitchen is the hub of the home, then the right lighting can take it from day to night with a simple flick of the switch. Try to choose lighting that suits all tasks in the different areas around your kitchen. For example, you will need brighter light in the areas where you cook and softer, more ambient lighting over seating areas. 

There are plenty of modern lighting options available to transform your kitchen, but be sure to consider how the light fittings look when both lit and unlit. Are you happy with a statement piece of lighting, or would you prefer an option that is a little more discrete and blends in with the rest of your kitchen during the day? This is something to take into consideration when coming up with modern kitchen decor ideas to suit your home.

Use open shelving

The appeals of kitchen pantries and storage have become so huge that it has become its own trend when it comes to modern kitchen decor. Good modern kitchen decor ideas should combine both practicality and aesthetics, which is what open shelving aims to achieve. 

A simple and budget friendly option, open shelving can have a huge impact on the way your kitchen looks and, as well as this, is hugely practical, especially if you don’t have the space for a pantry in your home or want to increase your storage. Open shelving is a great way to add style and personality to your kitchen and is wonderfully modern.

First, choose a space in your kitchen where deep wall shelves would work and decide on how many would fit the space. Then, choose some beautiful glassware or serving bowls, cookery books, trailing house plants or herbs to style the shelves with.

Depending on your colour scheme in the kitchen, you might want to choose bright and colourful pieces to add a pop of colour in a monochrome room, or keep things neutral and monotone for an extra modern touch. For an extra splash of colour, choose one of our colourful framed produce and pantry wall art prints to add to your shelving decor, or add some sophistication to a beautiful glassware shelf with our drinks and beverage print collection.

Final thoughts on modern kitchen decor ideas

For many, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and is where most of us find ourselves at the end of the day. When it comes to modern kitchen decor ideas, you want to ensure there is a good combination of both style and practicality. For finishing touches, our wall art prints can give your kitchen a little extra something, whether it’s to create a gallery wall as a point of focus in your new kitchen, or adding some colour to your stylish new shelves, browse our extensive collection of art prints today

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