How To: Achieving A Romantic Design Style In Your Home


Achieving A Romantic Design Style In Your Home

Create an ambient environment in your home with romantic decor.

Applying romantic design styles

Romanticism means different things to everyone and the same applies to romantic design styles. For us, it represents soft textures, a muted colour palette, warm ambient lighting and elegant finishes. Having a romantic design style in your home, particularly in bedrooms and living areas, will create a comfortable and calming environment with a romantic mood. We have put together a simple “how-to” guide to help you achieve a romantic design style in your home, whether you are looking to make small changes or a complete renovation!

Colour Palette

The best place to start when it comes to a romantic design style is to establish the colour palette you will be working with. For a more traditional romantic look, opt for a dusky pink paired with a soft white or a subtle cream. The cooler tones of the dusky pink work best with a white or cool cream rather than a more yellowy-cream. You could also pair the dusky pink with a very pale pink. 

Mink is another beautiful colour for romantic design styles, particularly shades with a more pink undertone as opposed to more towards mauve. For a luxury feel, go for mink with a nude-blush shade. This is the ultimate combination to achieve the comfortable and calming environment that the romantic design style embodies.

For a less conventional romantic design style shade, you could opt for a muted forest green shade. Green is thought to represent the heart chakra, meaning it is a colour associated with peace and love. With forest green, you could have a stunning botanical green wallpaper as a feature wall with the other three walls the forest green. Then, you can brighten the space with ambient lighting and metallic elements.

Starting with a clear idea of your colour palette will help to make sure everything is in sync. Now we will start to look at how you can compliment these beautiful colour palettes with metallics, soft furnishings and wall art!

When choosing your accessories and ornaments for the space, a key element of romantic design style is having metallics around the room. By this we mean rose golds, warm yellow golds and silvers, depending on your colour palette. In a dusky pink room, any metallic will look wonderful (although our office dog Hagen seems to disagree). Mink, nude-blush and rose gold are a dream combination. When it comes to forest green, gold is stunning!

Knowing where to place your metallic elements without it starting to look tasteless can be a challenge. So, aim to position 3-4 metallic components across the space. This could be a large mirror with a rose gold frame on one wall to radiate light, rose gold wall art frames on the opposite wall, then a metallic light feature on the ceiling to make a statement. Perhaps you have a mirrored metallic tray with scented candles for an extra romantic design style feature. You could draw all this together with a metallic throw cushion to achieve a sense of balance in the space.

We see a romantic design style as being understated, clean and relaxing, so overwhelming a space with metallics certainly won’t achieve that. So, keep to a few metallic accessories for a romantic minimalist finish.

Soft Furnishings

When it comes to soft furnishings, stick to textures that aren’t harsh and colours that don’t overwhelm the space. When we talk about soft furnishings, it is any fabrics that are in your home, from sheets and blankets to towels and rugs. This is your opportunity to add the comfort element that is important for romantic design styles! The type of soft furnishings will depend on the room you are focusing on, however there are a few common rules for any space. 

In our opinion, no room is complete without a rug! There are so many directions to go in, but you can’t beat a wool rug. They are extremely durable, easy to clean and cost effective, not to mention they look stunning in any space. The floor will feel warm and comforting whilst adding a simplistic touch to the room. A romantic design style is about being understated and subtle, however you might find that subtle prints compliment the colours in the space.

Another way to soften the home is through throws and cushions. You could go for a luxurious look with simple white bedding, a silk throw and silk cushions. For something cosier, opt for a chunky knit throw with sheepskin effect cushions. This is where you can really start to experiment with texture to add something unique to the space.

Wall Art

Finally, we may be biased but wall art prints really help to complete any room! Perhaps you want to go for something understated with a “La Vie En Rose” typographic wall art print as a reminder to celebrate everything that’s good in life. This is the perfect print for a romantic design style to keep everything understated yet beautiful. 

You could also go for pretty florals to bring some colour and life into the room. Flowers are often known to symbolise love, hope and healing, making them a lovely addition to any romantic space.

If you still want to make a statement without choosing bold prints, then go for a gallery wall art set. A selection of harmonious prints are put together to make a stunning addition to any space whilst in keeping with the understated nature of a romantic design style.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are adding a few bits and pieces or completely renovating a room, we hope you are inspired to add some romance to your home in the form of a romantic design style! Something as small as changing your soft furnishings or adding a stylish wall art print can transform a space. 

To find the right print to add an elegant touch to your romantic design style, take a look at our full collection of art prints!

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