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Discover more about our creative process and day to day life at our studio on Edinburgh's famous Leith Walk. Don't take your shoes off... come right in!


We Love Prints sits within a traditional tenement on Edinburgh's famous Haddington Place. Built in 1825 the building has stood the test of time, with our own basement studio once home to a bustling butcher shop. "Basement" might conjure up images of a dark space that is starved of natural daylight, but our studio couldn't be more different! When you enter the studio through the lush greenery of our urban garden, you begin to get a real sense of what awaits you inside . . .

(Without knowing it we recently created a homage to what was once the site of Edinburgh's famous Botanical Garden. Read our Urban Garden Article to see how we created a green haven on a busy centre street.)


Split across two floors, we've designed a working environment that is perfect for collaborating, creative thinking, design and production. Since moving here in early 2020, the studio has been through many iterations but we've finally settled on the perfect layout with two working offices, a design and creative hub and our lifestyle photography studio.

At the front of the studio, overlooking our urban garden, you'll find our creative hub. Looking onto our Urban Garden and the street beyond, it's the perfect spot to find inspiration and get creative. It's the place where so many of our prints and signature styles have come to life, and where we continue to develop our creative vision. With sunlight streaming in through twenty-eight traditional pane glass windows, it's a favourite spot for our creative team.


Our new lifestyle studio has been partitioned, creating two distinct spaces that can be used for building interior sets and shooting product photograph. This part of the studio is perfect for bringing our art to life in stylish interior spaces. It's amazing what can be achieved with a bit of imagination, some furniture and props - one minute there will be a bedroom shoot and the next thing you know we have a kitchen set up!

In our compact space, organisation is key so we've built our own storage system to house all of our unique props. This is carefully managed on our inventory system, so our creative team can pull together mood boards for the looks you see on social media, our website and magazine.


Our offices are always buzzing with excitement. From content planning to our creative process there's always an inspiring discussion to be had or an idea to bring to life. Surrounded by the art we produce and with a strong focus on our customers, we are all passionate about our creative work. In addition to our Edinburgh based team we also have our customer service team which is run by the wonderful Diane. Catching up with Diane is done via video call as she is based on the whale watching town of Hermanus on the coast of South Africa.

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