Studio: Urban Garden



This summer we've taken our love for stunning spaces al fresco and have reimagined our outdoor patio as a lush urban garden. However, it wasn't until we done a little digging that we uncovered a fascinating connection to a special garden from 200 years ago . . .


If you've ever tried growing your own plants from seedlings, you'll how just how obsessive you can become.

One plant becomes two, two becomes three and before you know it you're running out of space for all your new plant babies!

Our obsession began when we bought a couple of baby bay trees to dress up the entrance to our studio. Standing back to admire these new additions, we seen the potential to transform our entire outdoor patio into something really special. Before we knew it, we'd caught the gardening bug and since then we've been flexing our green fingers at every opportunity!


Over a weekend we began to transform the outdoor patio at the front of our studio. Those familiar with Edinburgh city centre will know that outside space is at a premium, so to maximise plantable space we installed a curved planter underneath the traditional twenty-eight pane window. While this custom window box took some time to build it was worth every minute. Now it's filled with a collection of lavender, lemon balm and parsley, which adds a beautiful scent to studio entrance. Opposite this we built bamboo trellis which is the perfect place for our ivy, clematis and sweet peas to grow upwards towards the sun.

Scattered throughout the garden we have a collection of potted plants such as angel wings, fuchsia, roses and two large bamboo plants that are flourishing in the VERY mixed Scottish climate... for a small city centre basement the plants really are coming to life!

On top of this, we recently introduced a small plant nursery where we are growing our own pale pink peonies, french marigolds and nasturtiums which will be ready in late summer.


Once we'd finished creating the garden, a local neighbour stopped by to tell us our basement studio had once been the original site of Edinburgh's famous Botanical Gardens. After some further digging, we discovered that Haddington Place was the location chosen to grow and develop the Botanic gardens between 1763 and 1820. Back in 2014 there was an archeological dig that unearthed some of the original garden layouts and features including the old entrance, but now all that is left of the original space is a small crescent garden just off Leith Walk.


Since creating our urban garden, we've loved watching it come into full bloom. We now have regular visits from honey bees and butterflies, who love to land on the brightly coloured petals. As a team, we make full use of the outdoor space and enjoy al fresco lunches among the greenery. Not only is it a beautiful space to look at, but it provides a calm and tranquil break away space for us to recharge and find new inspiration.

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