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Our main focus is to produce high quality and distinctive wall art decor that represents the best in modern day printing. All of our designs are created in house by our creative team and produced by our experienced studio team of printers and framers.


Our prints are printed on 200gsm uncoated premium art paper. This paper stock has a matte finish which is the opposite of a glossy/shiny finish. We love using matte paper for our prints because it is the perfect support for absorbing inks and representing colours in the most vibrant and accurate way.

Recycling Recommendation:
We hope our prints continue to be enjoyed for years to come. Although we highly recommend restyling or gifting old prints, they can be recycled along with with other paper products. Our paper can be recycled up to seven times.


Our premium canvases are created using premium Hahnemühle 340gsm fine art canvas. Designs are printed directly onto the canvas, before being stretched over handmade wooden stretcher bars.

Recycling Recommendation:
Printed canvas is currently more challenging to recycle. We suggest passing on your canvas to a new home or donating it.


All of our prints are printed in the UK, using quality pigmented inks to guarantee the best colour vibrance. We regularly spot check our prints to ensure there is colour matching consistency between different print runs.

Recycling Recommendation:
The inks used in our paper prints are 100% recyclable and are removed from paper during the recycling process.


We offer a range of frames in wooden and metallic finishes that are the perfect way to display your prints. Wether you're planning to hang prints on the wall or display them on a shelf, our range of frames suit every room and interior style.

Our frames are handmade by our team of framers, who expertly select, cut and assemble them in our UK studio. We offer two types of frames, wooden and metallic. Our wooden frames are available in a variety of grain finishes including black, white, oak, and walnut. These frames are backed with MDF board, which is secured with small metal pins.

Our metal frames are available in three finishes: metallic gold, metallic silver and metallic rose gold. They are made from lightweight aluminium, which is high-gloss and reflective. Our metal frames are also backed with MDF board that are held in place with metal clips, which are very easy to move if you want to change your prints.

The viewing windows in all our frames are made from clear acrylic plexiglass.

Recycling Recommendation:
We hope our frames will be used for years to come and encourage them to be reused. If however they have reached the end of their lifecycle, they can be recycled into their component parts. Our wooden frames - including the MDF backing board - can be recycled into wood chips. These chips can then be used to create biofuel, an alternative to fossil-based fuel. Our metal frames can be recycled into new aluminium products and the plexiglass can be sorted as combustible waste to be reused as a renewable energy source.


We've taken care to select packing materials that are robust enough to effectively protect your order during transit, while reducing environmental impact.

• Unframed prints are professionally packaged and delivered in protective, sustainable Eco-tubes.

• Framed prints are wrapped in biodegradable bubble quilts and delivered in protective, sustainable Eco-boxes.

• Canvases are delivered in protective, sustainable Eco-boxes.

• All of our packaging can be fully recycled. 


We care about the future of our planet and are working on new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products. In 2022 one of the main focuses in our business will be addressing our sustainability policy and creating an Environmental manifesto to help guide us in becoming a more transparent and planet-first business.

We will update this space with our sustainability policy when it has been finalised.

Last updated 1/2/22


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