Throughout life we use our unique skills and talents to express ourselves in different ways - some of us are writers, some performers, some are bakers and some of us are artists.

But for those of us who don’t identify with a specific creative talent, it can be difficult to find ways of expressing ourselves.

However, there is an easy, rewarding and affordable way to tap into your inner creativity and it all starts in your own home...

Our homes are a true reflection of who we are - they tell stories about the lives we live, the things we’re passionate about, the people who are important to us and the things we love.

But how can we showcase these parts of ourselves in a physical way?

Luckily the answer is pretty simple - by choosing art that represents the real you!

Our mission is to help people create interior spaces that are full of meaning and personality.

With over 600 unique prints to choose from and collections spanning nightlife, travel, fashion, nature and technology, we’ve made it super easy to create an authentic space in your home that tells the story of who you really are.

Wether you choose art prints that remind you of a special occasion, bring back memories of a favourite trip abroad or simply match your personality, for every story there is a print to express it.

Glossy magazine posters and generic home store prints are a thing of the past. Our unique collection of on-trend art prints are the perfect way to decorate your home with pieces of art that resonate with the real you.


As We Love Prints grows, we thought it would be important to set out values that help guide our growing community of print lovers and interior enthusiasts. From our design ethos, to the materials we use, customer care and the way we interact as a community, our values are an important part of building a creative, inclusive and diverse company.

INSPIRATION - we want to inspire people to live creative, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

CREATIVITY - making time for creativity enriches our lives, giving us ways to slow down, reflect and express ourselves.

CONNECTION - through the sharing of art, stories and conversation we can connect deeply over our shared human experience

QUALITY - it is important that both our physical products and creative content are of a consistently high quality