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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! We want to dedicate this space on our website to talk about our process in a little more detail. There are a few reasons for doing this, but the main one is to highlight the quality and care that goes into every single one of the items produced by our studio team. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, quality, consistency and care have never been more important when creating and selling products, especially when you are “buying blind” online. Without the ability to look at a product with your own eyes, touch it, feel it’s weight and get a sense for it’s quality it can be difficult to know if the item you’ve ordered is going to arrive as you expect. 

In our studio we’re not only print makers, but like everyone else, we regularly buy online and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of online shopping. 

Because we don’t have a physical shop where you can come and see our products before deciding to buy, it’s really important to us that we effectively communicate every aspect of our product and the journey of buying one of our prints. We’ve created this page as an honest and transparent look at our products. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about our process.

So let’s start at the beginning . . . 

Creating Designs

Each print begins life as a concept created by our super talented design team. Our design inspiration comes from many different places - we use the latest interior trends, our own iPhone photos, a lot of imagination and bottomless mugs of coffee to come up with designs that are unique to our studio - we’re proud to say you won’t find them anywhere else but here! Using a combination of real life sketching, painting and digital software we create new prints on a weekly basis to ensure there is always something new and exciting to add to your walls!

Uploading to Our Website Shop

Once a design has been completed it’s time to list it on our website, so you can add it to your (hopefully growing!) collection. Before we list a print, our creative team take photos and videos to make them look their best. This involves either building a mini interior set in our studio or sourcing a beautiful property to do a full interior photoshoot. Once the photos are edited, we add all of the product details to the website so it’s ready for you to browse. 

Making Some Noise

You might think finishing a design would mean job done at the WLP studio, right? Nope! Finishing a design is only the beginning and then the fun work really begins. Once we’ve listed a new collection, we put our marketing hats on and begin to think of new ways we can reach you with our designs. Creating new content for our website, social media and newsletter is actually what keeps us busy most of the time! We’re always looking for new ways to stand out in a creative way and we work with models, influencers and other companies to create exciting new collabs (Reach out to us here if you’d like to work with us).

Printing, Framing & Delivery

Our fantastic production team are the stars of the show when it comes to ensuring each print that leaves our studio is of the highest quality. Printed on 270gsm matte paper, our smooth art prints are checked for image crispness and colour vibrancy as they come out the printer. Speaking of printers, we use the best calibre commercial printers installed with the latest printing technology to ensure consistent image quality on EVERY single print. 

Once the prints have had time to dry, they are either rolled into a packing tube (see this page for information on our sustainable packaging policy) or prepared for framing. If you select a frame with your order, our production team will hand assemble your frame from a unique moulding. The print is then placed into the frame, checked for dust particles and then wrapped for delivery. 

Finding A New Home

We’re so grateful for everyone who chooses our prints for their walls!  Having sent over 70,000 prints across the globe since 2018, it fills us with joy knowing we’ve helped so many of you add more meaning and personality into your home interiors. What we really love is seeing where all the prints end up so please make sure to tag us in your social posts so we can continue to see how far and wide our prints travel. You can mention or tag us with @weloveprintsuk or use hashtag #myweloveprints in your posts.

Joining the Community

When you purchase one of our prints you automatically become part of our community of print lovers and interior enthusiasts. Our Community hub is full of free resources on interior decorating and home renovations, giveaways, blogs and exclusive member discounts. If you’re interested head over to the community hub and connect with the other members of our community. 

"Completely obsessed with all of my prints! They're superb quality, they have a huge selection of designs to suit every single room in my home and they're so unique. Customer service is also 10/1"

- Chantel @hillparkhouse_

Our Products

Now that you know a little more about our process, find out more about the materials we use to make our prints and frames